Merihart dog trolleys are constructed here in New Zealand from high grade aluminium. The standard wheels are 150mm diameter nylon wheels with replaceable ball bearings, and the uprights are spaced with only 40mm between them so the trollies can be used to safely contain small puppies. All the standard trolleys are 860mm high from ground to grooming surface on the top, the crate itself being 700mm high, and have a grey nonslip butyl rubber top surface. The folded width is 160mm where the wheels are and 100mm for the rest of the trolley. The quoted lengths are for the outside of the crate itself and the handles stick out 125mm past this. The sizes listed below are the standard sizes, but Merihart can manufacture trolleys of a size to suit special requirements.

Size 650mm long x 500mm wide; Weight 10.2 Kgs           Price $475.00

 2 - door 650mm long x 500mm wide 870mm high, w/- each deck  385 mm high  weight 11.4 Kg   $555.00

Size 750mm long x 500mm wide; Weight 10.9 Kgs           Price  $495.00  

Size; 850mm long x 600mm wide; Weight 13.6 kgs    Price $575.00

850mm long x 600mm wide      2 door               Price$615.00

850mm long x 600mm wide      4 door              Price $685.00

Shown with optional swivel wheels 

This size trolley is available in single door (as above), double door (photo above) and four door versions.

Size; 950mm long x 600mm High.   Weight !5.1Kgs (single  door) 

Prices; $615.00 (single door) $675.00 (double door) $$745.00 (four door)

Also available in single door, double door, and four door versions.

Size; 1050mm x 600mm Weight 19.4 kgs (Single door)

Prices; $675.00 (single door) $715.00 (double door) $795.00 (four door ) 

  • Umbrella Holder Add $25.00
  • Swiveling wheels (2) $40.00
  • Wheel lock on 1 wheel $25.00
  • Butyl Rubber on floor $60.00 (plus adds 1.5 kgs to weight)
  • Extra height for crate(800mm) with wider wheels and lessground clearance so that grooming height is still only 860mm. Not available with swivel wheels. Add $60