The Merihart pens fold inwards at the middle of the side panels and are quick and easy to fold or unfold. They are light weight at only 9.5 kgs, for the standard 1 meter square, 700mm or 800mm high pen. The optional folding lid is suitable for grooming on and can be opened at the front to allow access.

Above is 800mm pen with lid half open.

  • Prices; 700mm high x 1020mm square      $340.00
  • 800mm high x 1020mm square                  $400.00
  • 900mm high x 1020mm square                   $460.00
  • !00mm high x 1020mm square                    $520.00
  • Lid                                                                $80.00

The pen folded for storage

             Below;   Large sized pen (1200mm w x 1000mm deep x 1000mm high) with alluminium folding floor and roof

Prices;  Crate $560.00  Lid $80.00  Floor $200